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My name is Ali Mohammad Saghiri!


Short Summary

I am an Assistant of Professor at William Paterson University with 10 years of experience in various fields including Blockchain, Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, and Software Engineering. I have a strong publication record, having authored 4 books, 10 book-chapters, 20 journal papers, and 30 conference papers. I am also an active reviewer and guest editor for journals and conferences in my field.


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·      Books

o    Exploring the Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence: Shedding Light on Future Perils and Alarming Dangers

o   AI Millionaire: A Guide to Forecasting Future Jobs and Hunting Opportunities [Medium]

o    Why GPT-Based Chatbots Will Be Vital: Applications, Challenges, and the Shaping of the Fragile Job Market [Medium, SlideShare]

o    How to Become an Expert In Job Hunting: Harnessing the Power of Generative Chatbots [Medium]

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·      Reviewer and Organizer for Scientific Journals and Conferences




·      Artificial Intelligence

·      Computer Networks

·      Distributed Systems

·      Software Engineering

·      Internet of Things

·      Blockchain



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·      Email: amsaghiriit@gmail.com